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This project started after testing a few of existing window managers: evilwm, aewm etc. The main target is to get small in size and resonably working window manager.It has good keyboard and mouse control without not needed extensions. The iso10646-1 encoded font is used to obtain proper displaying of international characters in a title bar. If an application sets its WM_NAME property encoding to UTF-8 or Host Portable Character Encoding the name will be properly displayed.

To install the program just get the release, unpack it and invoke make command followed by make install in the newly created dir. To change some defaults edit the nwm.h file and then reinstall. You can change DEF_xxx definitions to set default font, colors, border size and some keyboard bindings.

Future plans are: improving mouse and keyboard handling and some GNOME integration according to WM specification - probably under new name nwm-gnome.